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Our main task is to carry out research in the field of investments consistently and to conduct a constant analysis of investment trends, has allowed to build one of the most successful investment companies in the entire asset management industry. Our unique disciplines include quantitative research, basic research, forecasting of exchange rates and economic research. In addition, we have developed many specialized research units, including one that considers broad models that affect geographic regions and several industries. Our specialists consider all these research models when building portfolios, selecting securities and providing professional advice on investments. Our leading teams of analysts create tools for more efficient work. Such quantitative tools always help our fundamental analysts to gradually improve the accuracy of the forecast. Our advanced distribution studies help us develop effective solutions that can meet the needs of our investors. Some studies focus on the most complex issues of capital management for individuals, including the concentration of individual funds, taxation, charity and inter-generational transfers. Other studies focus on integrated solutions for investment allocation, including liquidity management and liability-based investments.


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