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Oldridge Fund LTD






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Oldridge Fund widely applies trading of the exchange assets with usage of automatic trade advisers. It is necessary in order that the company could develop according to modern requirements of the market and correspond to the most advanced concepts of modern high-speed trading. Applying of modern trade advisers gives to the company advantage in business that positively affects to the company stability level and also its affect to the terms of investing activity. The best conditions of cooperation in the market for investors of all kinds are provided by the hi-tech trading technologies. Not everything submits to automatic equipment and bot-programmes. Oldridge Fund has a staff of perfectly trained exchange traders having experience of trading and capable to perform their functions in the most difficult and quickly changing trading circumstances that gives us the maximum stability and the profit receiving from two different sources. The southern African trading company Oldridge Fund PTY LTD has more than two years of work on the trading stock exchanges. Successness of business of everyone is a merit of all team.


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