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Qopta Group Limited is an association of specialized financial and economic specialists who create the most fruitful conditions for the prosperity of the companys business and investors together. The main source of new business areas for us is the startup exchange. Constantly presenting at the stock exchange and monitoring all relevant and competitive offers, analysts of Qopta Group Limited monitor new, most promising startups that appear there. Then, the most promising startups are selected from the point of view of profitability and of how fast they can start bringing profit. After all, we do not want the investors money invested in a startup being returned only after a long time in the process of making a profit. Thus, only after a thorough risk analysis of each startup that interested us, determination of its potential and possible profitability, Qopta Group Limited invests money in it. Based on more than four years of experience, we came to the conclusion that the most appropriate and preferred startups for our business are startups in the field of communication, the Internet, media, and startups that use high technology in the media, advertising and news channels.


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