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The number  Seven is the mathematical essence behind our distribution platform & an integral part of our daily operation. Through years of experience and trials we`ve concluded that by incorporating number 7 into our business model, we could be able to reach higher degrees of stability and profits. The higher purpose of  Sapphire7`s platform is to facilitate the equilibrium of interest between you (member), and the enterprise for as long as humanly possible. To accomplish that mission the enterprise created a funds allocation formula with # 7 in its core to profit from the margins of supply & demand. Applying in business of own technologies does our activity independent and profitable. Were define on our own the strategy of evolution and we form an own vision of development for the decades ahead. Sapphire7 it is the innovative company, which independently places priorities of the business directions thanks to the own innovative technologies in the area of the artificial sapphires production. We arent under the competitive pressure as we use an unique business methods. Along with applying of discoveries and inventions in the gemology, we are also holders of the rights for concessions mining of the natural sapphires deposits. And it strengthens our positions and also consolidates turnover money of the company, creating the powerful and effective financial flow, helping to develop to both directions of business of the company.


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