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Biotechnology, nanotechnology and genetic engineering are in rapid development, which draws the development of innovative medicines for bodybuilders and increasingly effective sports nutrition for athletes. The demand for pharmacological products does not decrease at all, which allows our company, which has established its own production of sports nutrition and has numerous sales channels, to steadily increase competitiveness and expand its activities through new directions. SEQUELON LTD entered the market of pharmacological products in 2011 as a researcher and developer of some specific substances for bodybuilders. The company is permanently expanded, to involve experts from different fields and with diverse talents. This led to the development of new horizons, in particular, the mass production of the most popular in the market of sports nutrition: gainers, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, boosters, etc. Our production is in the medium-high price segment and provides quick result. Protein provides maximum growth relief muscle, protein allows you to cheer up before the stress, minerals and vitamins support the body in the training process, the booster will accelerate the achievement of results, and perfectly balanced ready multicomponent complexes will create all conditions for comprehensive development of the athletes body.


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